Invitation to a Maine-Anjou herd inspection

Maine-Anjou herd Heiner Reiners

From 3.00 pm on 17 June 2017, Heiner Reiners will present his Maine-Anjou herd in the North West of Lower Saxony.

Heiner Reiners keeps his herd alone and in secondary occupation and therefore needed a breed that was even-tempered, could calve alone and without problems, and was otherwise energetic in order to keep costs and work effort low. For these reasons, he decided for the Maine-Anjou breed. Not only is the herd very calm and even-tempered, it also produces excellent weanlings. Characterised by their weight, the male weanlings are in particularly high demand with fatteners. One herd bull is used for natural mating so that artificial insemination is not necessary. One special characteristic of this herd is that all of the Maine-Anjous here are of German origin, while many other herds include imported animals. The Stadland herd, however, partly traces back to the first imports to Germany and therefore had several decades to adjust to the local conditions and thrive in them.

We are happy to announce that we have secured James McIntyre from the UK for a subsequent presentation of the Estrotect oestrus detection system on a living animal.

Later in the afternoon, the 6th general assembly of the Maine-Anjou Association Germany will take place.

Following the short official part of the assembly, James McIntyre will present further information regarding the previously presented oestrus detection system and answer questions.

Reimund Lesen’s experience report about the Moocall should also be of particular interest. The Moocall is a birth monitoring system, which measures birth contractions in the tail and informs the breeder about the impending calving via sms about one hour before the birth.

We would like to invite all members of the Maine-Anjou association, as well as all interested people to attend the meeting on 17 June 2017 at Stadlander Straße 49, 26936 Stadland. Guests, who are only interested in the presentations, are also very welcome. To make the planning of the event easier, we would like to ask for an informal registration via telephone (+49 179 3689163) or email:

Best regards,
Hans-Volkert Otzen
1st chairman of the Maine-Anjou Verband Deutschland e.V.