7th Annual General Meeting and Company Tour in Hennef

In the run-up to the 7th annual general meeting of the “Maine-Anjou Verbandes Deutschland e.V.”, Marcus Halft had invited to coffee and cake and to give an insight into his company (https://www.rotbunte-im-hanfbachtal.de) in Hennef. The invitation was accepted by numerous association members, persons interested in Maine-Anjou, representatives from agricultural associations and breeding organizations as well as a delegation from the French breed association.

Here, in the Hanfbachtal, the family has dedicated itself to the breeding of Red Holstein cattle. The interested participants were able to see Danish Protest Pigs, reddish-white Mecklenburger Scheckenkaninchen, and, of course, Maine-Anjou cattle. For the presentation of the cattle, Marcus Halft had taken the trouble to present all animals in single paddocks. At each paddock, boards informed about the corresponding animal and its origin.

There was a herd to visit which was able to convince with an excellent balance between physique and beef conformation. A special highlight was the individual animal valuation by Pascal Lecomte and Nicolas Espalier from the French Maine-Anjou Association Domaine Rouge des Prés. For the final, they let two excellent cows compete against each other. Both were breed-typical cows whose assets differed. Ulla (father: Ugolin) could especially convince with her exorbitant physique whereas Emma (father: Robert) could impress with a very wide pelvis and an excellent beef conformation. It is worth mentioning that all animals had come directly from the pasture just one hour before the event started. This means that none of the animals had the opportunity to get used to paddocks, visitors or a demonstration ring. With the breed-typical inner peace and balanced character, the animals presented themselves even at their ring premiere with flying colours.

At the evening event, as usual, the participants had the possibility to discuss the latest French Maine-Anjou bull catalogue. Thus, every breeder could already think about the use of new genetics for the next breeding year. A relaxed get-together and professional discussions brought the evening to a convivial close.

The Maine-Anjou calendar 2019 was also presented on this occasion. It can be ordered from now on for EUR 15 plus shipping costs from the chairman. Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to thank the family Halft for arranging an excellent day which, in this form, is certainly one of the greatest moments of the German Maine-Anjou breed.